– About –

Toni Gray

Meet Toni!

Not the best at “about me” sections, but I am good at randomness – Here’s some fun facts!

  • Obsessed with being on both sides of the camera
  • Self-Proclaimed Foodie + sushi enthusiast
  • Michigan born and raised, finishing up my degree in HSS (healthcare services and sciences)
  • Passionate about waaaay too many things
  • LOVE exploring/traveling to new places!
  • Obsessed with all things healthy lifestyle
  • I started a blog a few years ago, but kept it to myself in fear of it not being ‘good enough’ but here I am
  • I have a slight passion for fashion, but don’t we all??
  • I love, love and am so obsessed with all things romance, weddings, etc.
  • Extremely friendly, let’s connect!
  • Trying to grow, live in the moment, inspire others, and make great connections along the way!
  • This blog is a complete outlet for me and I’m SO excited for this journey and to hopefully meet great people along the way

Disclaimer: I am not a professional blogger/writer or photographer, but very passionate about both! Almost all photos used in my posts are mine, unless stated otherwise.

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