welcome to my blog!

meet toni!

i think we can all agree that about me sections are hard… enjoy some fun facts and let’s be friends!

  • studying interdisciplinary health services at wmu and somehow ended up being obsessed with blogging in the process of switching majors each year
  • obsessed with being in front of the lens and behind it, creating some sort of ‘content’
  • wanna-be foodie slash cider and wine-y. love a nice cheese board with drinks – oh and pizza! 
  • very extra, and very ok with it
  • born and raised in michigan, love this beautiful state although the seasons change every other week
  • dating an engineer and he pushes me to focus when i need to and how to get things done 
  • started a blog years ago but never did much with it in fear of being judged or ‘not good enough
  • love meeting new people, let’s be friends! 

disclaimer: i am not a professional blogger or photographer, but i am passionate about both.

“fill your life with adventures, not things. have stories to tell, not ‘stuff’ to show”